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Optimal Me:

I am an Innovation Project

Drawing from years of experience in the corporate innovation space, leadership development, psychology we bring to you a multidisciplinary approach to integrate in yourself the best of what can help us have a better life.

The last 10 years changed mankind.

Is your life better now?

Improve your personal and professional life

Optimize your work, make more room and have more energy for your personal life.

Cutting edge research -simplified and actionable for you

Research and findings don't stop - neither does your life. We bring you the best for you to leverage - and continue living your life.

Build your new You - at your own pace

Personal development, professional growth, wellness - all of these forms of progress have their own time for each of us. Find your own pace  to build your Optimal You

You will learn how to be better with any of our different modules:


A lifestyle of learning & experimentation

The objective is not to ‘get it right’,
or to do this once – but to turn experimentation into a habit - and from there into a lifestyle.

Our personal experimentation methodology distills the best practices from innovation and research on resistance to change and new habit formation strategies into a simple framework – all the way down into actionable tools & templates.




Mind and emotions

Personal and team productivity methodologies


Nutrition + sleep + workout


New tools to extend your brain’s capabilities


Optimal me: from overwhelming complexity to actionable simplicity

Our world-class team of experts is ready to work with you and your company to find the perfect fit for your problems in a comprehensible, actionable starting point.


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Explore our resources section to find links and recommendations  about achieving an optimal version of yourself.

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